Magic Valley

Vallée Magique


Hello! Welcome to Vallée Magique, a truly magical place in the Alpes Maritimes.


Laure Le Baron founded Vallée Magique in 2011, after 25 years of personal coaching experience. Vallée Magique is a venue for workshops in personal development, artistic activities and activities with Nature.


Vallée Magique is a magnificent place, immersed in Nature. The activities unfold in variety of places: the ecological cottage, the 40 m2 tipi, the “kerterre”, which resembles a hobbit house, the art workshop and the covered outdoor kitchen. The workshops offered are designed to reveal the light within and discover one’s own path, rediscover joy, serenity and self-confidence, develop a vibrant creativity, walk the spiritual path and serenely radiate one’s femineity or masculinity. Even if the workshop themes vary, this basic premise permeates all the workshops led by Laure Le Baron.


Laure’s intention is to light up your heart and help you clearly envision the possible paths leading to joy and serenity. A stay over the weekend on a week or individual appointment will be the occasion for you to relax and to review what you would like to change and how to achieve it, to take care of your body, mind and spirit, all while meeting new people and creating beautiful memories with them.


This quite literally magical valley is a cocoon for groups of ten. The small size of the groups is ideal to practice listening skills, receive personalised guidance and experience conviviality and warm exchange.

vallée magique


Creativity weekend, shamanism, Nature connection, circle of women, circle of men, the path of love, yoga, vegetarian cooking.

Development: self-introspective work to liberate blockages, rediscover self confidence, develop joy, realise dreams, connect with spiritual guides, become an anchored channel by connecting Earth and Sky, develop creativity in all aspects of life.

Artistic activities: Land Art, creative journaling (creation of a diary or travel log illustrated with paintings, collages, aquarelle, pictures, etc.); painting on rock and wood medium, decorative and utilitarian object creation.

Nature activities: initiation to ecological living, organic diet, permaculture gardening, hiking, edible & medicinal wild plants, ecological construction of light housing: tipi, tree house, “kerterre”.



Laure leads her workshops joyously and in unconditional love. She has helped me greatly along my journey, teaching me techniques to gain the confidence needed to trace my own path in life. I found guidance and support in Laure, who leads by example. In the magical place she welcomed me in, I found a safe place to learn more about myself, often healing from my past spontaneously. Attending her workshops at the Vallée Magique is my favourite way to get replenished and to spend time in nourishing company. I find peace in the surrounding Nature and a new perspective on life every time I go. – Etienne


I had a wonderful experience with Laure! I left the Vallée Magique rich with beautiful encounters and powerful tools after having spent time this gorgeous and calm place… a true haven of peace.
Laure is passionate, inspiring, of great humaneness and intimate with nature. She has so much to share and offer… a real pleasure! – Cécile

Vallée magique

Who Am I?


My name is Laure Le Baron, I am the founder of the Vallée Magique and Tribu de la Foret.

I am a life coach and artist with 25 years of coaching experience; I animate workshops with adults or with children. 17 years ago, I decided to live in a valley immersed in Nature to raise my son and create exceptional workshops.


The essence of my work is to help you regain confidence, joie de vivre, and to dare being your authentic self. I aim to guide you to think about the way you express love, to develop your possibilities, experience freedom and dare tenderness outside the realm of seduction. I work to boost your enthusiasm, assist you in liberation from the past and connection with your innate creativity, and facilitate connection to your guides, via an array of techniques and tools that have accompanied me along my journey.


I have been aware of my spiritual nature since my early years and have always travelled on the path of self-development and Art.

Born in a family of artists, I studied the Arts, psychology, communication, and pedagogy and obtained a university diploma in adult coaching.


Early on, I worked with teenagers and adults with difficulties, to help them develop their qualities and skills, trace a career path and integrate society.

For 15 years, I was coach for about 30 artists and managed 7 art galleries in France, as well as expositions abroad.


For 20 years now, parallel to my family and professional life, I acquired training with various teachers and have continued the journey of personal and spiritual development. The practices I use include: yoga, Siberian and Native American shamanism, dance of the 5 rhythms, Anna Halprin’s dance, oriental dance, Reiki, channelling, tarot-reading, EFT (Emotional freedom technics), akashic records, massage, aromatherapy, wild edible plants, circle of women, Land’Art, permaculture and raw food (with Thierry Casanovas).

Tribu de la Forêt


Tribu de la Forêt, which is literally the Forest Tribe, is a non-profit association I created in 2012. Tribu de la Forêt offers activities in nature to children and teenagers 12 and older as well as adults in an artistic and ecological mindset.


A few weekends per year, Tribu de la Forêt invites parents and children or adults motivated by our propositions to come share various activities with us, depending on the weekend.


The activities we organise here include mountain biking, wooden construction, and activities in Nature in accordance with the season. We may do gardening: permaculture, sowing seeds, harvesting seeds, planting fruits trees, plant recognition, harvest, etc. We may also do artistic workshops such as Land’Art, painting on wood or rock, sculpture on fruit and veggies, cooking with garden harvest, etc.


The dates of the activities are announced on our Facebook page “Tribu de la Forêt”.

You can also leave us your email on our website’s contact page or write to me at if you want to receive info on the activities by email.


After having built two tree houses, a tepee, dry toilets, wooden boxes for cultivation, and an insect hotel our next projects parallel to the usual activities are:


Creation of mountain biking trails in the forest

Planting fruit trees

Creation of an edible forest


Activities are free and gifts to the association are welcome. You can help with the purchase of building material and gear, seeds, paint, etc. You can also bring other things to help children realise their projects.

At lunch, we share picnics composed of what each participant brings (preferably vegetarian and organic). Picnics are either under the open sky or under the roof of our summer kitchen depending on the weather.


The goal of Tribu de la Forêt is to participate in playful, outdoor and educational activities in an atmosphere joy and cooperation. All your creative ideas are welcome!


We are looking forward to welcoming you to our tribe, located in Collongues in the valley of the river Esteron, 1h30 from Nice and Grasse.


Booking in advance is necessary and contact by phone or Skype is mandatory to confirm a booking. Groups are limited to 10/12 peoples, adults and children included.



Laure, Christian and Tom (14 years old, home-schooled)